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As one of the world’s largest independent research providers with 65 global analysts, CFRA improves investors’ decision-making by serving as an extension of their research teams through authorship of in-depth qualitative research on 1,500+ global companies, 11 sectors, and 42 industries as well as quantitative research on 20,000+ global companies.

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Make sound investment decisions

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Mitigate business risk

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Explore new investment opportunities

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Gain a true picture of a company’s financial health

How It Works
You have a company or industry of interest
You need to gain clarity on a company or industry’s financial health and prospects
We deliver the research
Extensive database of forensic, financial and qualitative research, analysis and opinions on critical market catalysts as well as bespoke and portfolio monitoring services
You receive the insights you need
In addition to our research, access a team of global analysts averaging 15 years covering their specialist areas, including forensic accounting research, fundamental analysis, and legal insights to identify discrepancies between reported financial results and a company or industry’s true financial health
Use Cases

Hedge Funds
Enhance bottom-up and top-down research critical to long/short equity investors
Asset Managers
Provide context and perspective across all stages of the investment cycle with conflict-free insights
Pension Funds
Support direct investment efforts as well as due diligence and risk evaluation of third-party managers
Private Equity
Improve origination, diligence and value creation through increased business intelligence
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